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Fun Colorful Bathroom Decor

If you love bright rooms and patterns, if strong colors improve your mood, if you feel like a lot of color in your life, you should also design your rooms in light colors. We have gathered some ideas for colorful bathrooms, take a look around and get inspired to add a lot of color to your life!

A light color

If you love light hues but prefer something monochrome, go for a light color to add bold to your bathroom. You can take sunny yellow, orange, red, pink, emerald, electric blue, or any other bright color you like, and add white or some other neutral colors for a super bold look. There are tons of ideas for adding color to your bathroom: a bold tiled wall, brightly printed wallpaper, brightly colored vanities and stools, and glass shower doors and fittings. You can use all or just some of them to make your bathroom really bright, stylish, and fun.

Different bright colors

If you want to combine several bright colors, you should first decide whether you want to use two colors, otherwise you will be super colorful. If you have two light colors, you can easily combine them into a cohesive color scheme. If you get super colorful just go crazy and forget about all these rules! Mix red and blue, yellow and green, purple and orange and others. Add bright shadows to the space with colorful glass doors, with bright artwork and wallpaper, colorful tiles and ceilings, bold tiles on the floor, and furniture. Don’t forget about the bright accessories – carpets, baskets, curtains, and others – these are super easy ideas for adding color to the room. Have fun!

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