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Front Door Planter Ideas

The sidewalk, porch, and front door are the first things people see when they walk in and this is your chance to make a great first impression. Do not neglect these areas and decorate them no less thoroughly than the interior areas! There is a very cool idea to make these rooms inviting: decorate them with planters. How does it work? Here are a few ideas.

Symmetrical planters for the front door

Symmetrical planters for the front door add a more elegant and formal look to your porch. When choosing planters, consider the style of your porch and colors: match the door and style, and choose what you want to grow. For example, if you have a glossy black door, matching planters give your porch a special chic. To freshen up such a look, you can use some green and a neutral rug. If it’s a farmhouse porch, try vintage lamps and planters made of wood or metal to create an ambience. Want a bright accent for the porch? Prefer strong and luscious flowers to planters or even citrus trees.

Mismatched planters for the front door

If you want a more casual feel to your porch, combine the planters or choose planters only on one side and no planters on the second. You can try a single and large planter with a statement plant that you like – a laconic door gives you a very contemporary and fresh look. Make different planters to frame the door, but plant more or less the same thing in them – just greens, just cacti, or just succulents for a more cohesive look. If you have enough space, a planter can be replaced with a whole plant stand with different types of greens and flowers.

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