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Fresh Take Traditional Armoire

Lots of modern designers create fresh accents on traditional pieces that look impressive, and today we share one of these products. Alex Schulz, originally an architect, reinterprets the traditional closet by putting the clothes at the center. Schulz had previously designed a single prototype of the cabinet and built it onto his furniture collection, which is immediately apparent.

The combination of the different steel frames and cabinet legs creates the huge and colorful collection that Anytime consists of. In addition, the wardrobe is covered with an acrylic shell, which is covered with optical leaves, artificial leather or wood. Schulz’s Anytime is not only used as a simple piece of furniture, but is also a statement that gives every room sophistication and contemporary character. The idea behind the concept is to create an object that adapts to small spaces, is light and gives any room a sense of playfulness. Reject boring traditional things and beautify your room with Anytime!

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