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Flower And Plant Inspired Lamps

Plants and flowers have made designers an endless source of inspiration throughout history. One of the hottest decor trends today is associated with it – flower and plant lighting! Adding a touch of nature to interiors has never been more popular, and a flower-inspired light source is a great idea.

Such designs are very eye-catching and suitable for any interior, from feminine to minimalist. They come in all kinds of materials, shapes, sizes, and looks – I bet you are sure to find your favorite flower among such lamps. They can be more sophisticated and luxurious, or simpler and even minimal, depending on the look and material. There are table, pendant and floor lamps, as well as sconces, so you can find what you want. You can make such lamps yourself from paper or fabric. There are lots of tutorials. Bring inspiration and touch to nature with flower or plant lamps!

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