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Flora Inspired Furniture Lamps

It is autumn and you can barely see a flower, although we miss lush blooms and greenery that we enjoy in spring and summer. Don’t worry, there is a way to fix the situation – just flower lamps and furniture in your home, and flowers and greens will always be with you regardless of the season. Here are some cool and eye-catching items that you can buy right now.

The Berlin studio Lieven was inspired by movements in nature when designing the inMOOV lamp, for example when flowers open. The body of the faceted lamp is made from the invertible disc that they made themselves. Due to the folding and unfolding of the invertible disc, the lamp can switch from a smaller to a much larger, elongated lamp. There are LED strips hidden inside, the color temperature of which changes depending on whether the lamp is open, creating a soft light that illuminates the ceiling, or closed, creating a more focused, warm light that points downwards. The device can be easily opened and closed by hand.

This clever design might seem a little obvious, but it’s actually quite thoughtful! The floral inspiration of the BLUM lamp is evident in its shape, but can also be inspired by the energy process of the living plant. Place the plant by the window and solar panels will harvest the solar energy to power the bright LED lights. It is the flower that gives something back after sunset!

This Flower Power chandelier from VGnewtrend was presented at Euroluce 2017. It is an ode to spring, the awakening of nature in enchanting bright colors with subtle nuances. Flower Power is the triumph of pink tulips that will highlight your space in a really original way. This special, charming chandelier, which is made exclusively to order, consists of a multitude of artificial tulips from VGnewtrend, between which LED Murano glass lamps are harmoniously arranged. The colors of the chandelier can be changed according to customer requirements.

Bloom is a series of three table lamps that are inspired by shapes from nature. Like large drops, the shades can be connected to buds, fruits or water, while the seams in the construction are reminiscent of fibers. The steel structures have different heights, which contribute to the association of organic bodies.

Ambienta is designed as a lamp that also includes a self-watering planter. The lamp not only illuminates the room, but also shines down on the plants and supplies them with their daily photosynthesis needs. The LEDs in the lamp mimic natural white light that allows flowers to grow, and can also be toggled to ambient light if you want something more mellow for your space. Easy to use from the start, the lamp has a design that integrates and separates electrical components from the ground and water. The central channel carries the water into the bottom, and regularly pour water into the opening at the top. The soil bed is actually a technical material called rock wool that is known to help retain water and allow plants to grow faster.

This botanically inspired clock was designed by the designer Svetlana Mikhailova and made from veneer and plywood. Oak veneer is used for the top, and intricate shapes in a beautiful eco-style are elegantly cut from it. The lower part is made of birch plywood, which is painted in a dark color. The watch looks so noticeable that you can spend hours looking at its surface and figuring out what you are seeing there. This piece is real art, not just a functional time display, it will be the focus in any room, its dramatic look is adorable!

The series of resin furniture by designer Marcin Rusak, patterned with leaves and flowers trapped in the surfaces, is just gorgeous! There’s a console, coffee table, sculpture, and wall with leaves of tropical plants frozen in resin. Rusak’s Flora Noir range also includes screens, lamps and tables that use the wrapped flowers to form blocks of black resin, then slice them and reassemble the strips to create fragmented patterns.

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