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Floating House Nautical Interiors

Arkup # 1 is a luxury houseboat designed by a visionary company called Waterstudio and completed earlier this year. It’s this amazing two story house that just floats and isn’t even disturbed by winds up to 250 km / h. The house is not only massive, but also incredibly stable on the water thanks to hydraulic stilts that make it insensitive to waves and strong winds. It offers 404 square meters of floor space and is 23 meters long.

As if the size and design alone weren’t impressive enough, this unique floating home is packed with tons of cool features, like a 36kW solar panel array and a 1,000kWh battery that it can turn off the grid . Other features include a rainwater collection and cleaning system and two motors.

From an aesthetic point of view, the house is super cool and modern, with huge windows framing the breathtaking views and a very clean and chic interior. The interior design is minimalist and contemporary with subtle nautical influences. The color palette is reduced to a few simple and neutral nuances so that the focus is on the views. The light wood accents and all neutral colors go perfectly with the rest of the decor.

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