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Floating Desks For Home Office

Floating furniture is becoming increasingly popular because it saves space and looks very modern and interesting. Because of the lightweight appearance, this is a great idea for small spaces. We’ve already shared some ideas – shelves, vanities, etc, and today I want to inspire you with some floating desks.

A floating desk is a great idea for a home office or work area, for a kids area or another. It can be large and run along an entire wall, or it can be tiny – just for a laptop. You can find or make parts with drawers or compartments, or just sleek and thinking – it’s up to you. Are you ready to look at some examples? Let’s go!

Floating desks + matching shelves

One of the coolest modern ideas that is hugely popular for any type of workspace is a floating desk with matching floating shelves above it. Such a combination looks very laconic and stylish and is ideal for modern, Scandinavian, minimalist, industrial and many other spaces. The desk is usually wider than the shelves above to make it more comfortable to sit on, and the shelves and desk usually go together – made of the same plywood or wood. If there is not enough light, choose lighted shelves and additional lamps. The desk may offer storage space – drawers or compartments – or it may just be imaginable and elegant to match the look even better.

Floating desks

If you don’t need shelves or don’t want to make one, a floating desk is also a great choice. Attach one to the wall next to the window for enough light, or go for an entire wall. Floating corner desks are beautiful too – it’s a great way to decorate an awkward corner. If you need a larger desk, e.g. For example, a desk for two or three people, take a few walls and build a long floating desk. Don’t forget storage space – drawers and box compartments are welcome!

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