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Flemish House Extension

This is an extension of a Flemish house, it is only 5.5 meters wide and 18 meters deep, typical dimensions for a Belgian terraced house, but still challenging. The Antwerp-based practice ismarchitecten has managed to activate the creativity to meet these limitations.

The architects designed an open configuration that extends the entire depth of the house and combines the renovated house at the front and the new one-story extension at the rear, as well as visually connecting the street front with the backyard. Slight differences in floor height and the skillful use of free materials create different zones without the need for partitions, while the use of skylights and mirrors ensures that the house is evenly light and airy despite its long depth.

The architects strategically used a limited range of materials in various applications and configurations. The blonde natural veining of the wooden wall paneling in the living room is reflected in the wooden ceiling in the kitchen / dining area, the underlying structure of which is halfway bizarre visible, as well as in several pieces of furniture of Scandinavian simplicity and a lush light pink carpet giving way to a polished concrete floor that is continues onto the outside terrace.

Lighter and darker grays complement this humble color palette, the subdued sensibility of which is spiced up by the marble used for the countertop and backsplash in the kitchen. The marble surfaces with a swirl of red and brown reflections enliven the room with expressionist passion and take up the earthy tones of the masonry on the outside terrace. The transition between inside and outside is also facilitated by the use of a floor-to-ceiling mirror on the side of the kitchen cabinet, which allows a view of the backyard from the dining table, while a corner mirror integrated into the kitchen counter creates playful reflections.

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