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Flat Pack Coat Rack

It’s cold outside and I bet everyone is puzzling over comfortable clothes racks and shelves for the entrances. If you’re still looking for a comfy one that doesn’t take up a lot of space, I have it for you. With the Luminaire Piano Coat Rack, you can turn a simple 4 x 3 foot piece of wall into a complete cabinet!

Patrick Seha’s Piano Coat Rack was designed to look like a piece of wood hanging on the wall. It can be turned into a series of hooks that you can use to hang your clothes, coats, bags, hats, umbrellas, and everything else. A single piano coat rack can come with up to 48 hooks, giving you enough space to hang items for an entire house worth of guests. When you’re done, just close the hooks and the Piano Coat Rack is again a beautiful wooden sculptural element in your decor!

Available in small and large sizes, the Piano Coat Rack can be made from beech, oak or walnut to suit your size and aesthetic needs! You can lay the piece on the floor or mount it on the wall if you want to save space.

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