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Flamingo Lamp

If you love cute furniture, if you want to add a whimsical touch to your room and don’t know how, then I have a brilliant idea! The young product designer from Seoul Sang Il created ‘I am cutie’, a minimalist lamp that – as Il suggests – will be your sweet business partner. The piece looks like a sketchy flamingo made of metal and plastic.

The flamingo can serve as a lamp, as a table or as a mini cabinet. When you remove the screen, a tray becomes visible, which may be covered with a lid. So there are different versions for transforming your lamp. This is a fun piece to use in any room in your home that it fits in. I would highly recommend it for a girly bedroom, closet, makeup nook, bathroom, or to add a whimsy touch to any room you want. Choose your little flamingo piece and add a touch of fun to the room!

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