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Feminine Bedroom Silk Wallpaper

This absolutely stunning space by Paloma Contreras is a bedroom and patio combo that she designed in New Orleans.

The bedroom is delightfully feminine, but not too much. The space was designed around a stunning, bespoke DeGournay wallpaper in 12 carat white gold and aluminum hand gilding on a silk background. This wallpaper only covers the headboard wall, and the rest of the walls are calm and peaceful to make them stand out.

The bed is framed and the owner can hang a canopy if necessary. The bedside tables are black with gold-plated legs that match the black frame of the bed. The symmetrical mirrors and lamps with gilded frames look accordingly and add glamor to the decor of the room. I love the padded ottoman with a worn vintage look and a green pillow. Antique chairs add sophistication to the space, and animal-themed pillows add a bold touch to the decor. A transparent stand for a vase looks very fresh and cool, makes the decor edgy.

Decorations like cards, vintage blue porcelain vases, and a crystal and a gold-plated chandelier make this bedroom girly, glamorous and inviting.

The terrace is decorated in navy and white and covered with black furniture in white. A container filled with greenery makes it refreshing, and a blue and white table echoes with blue porcelain vases.

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