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Fall Table Settings For Special Occasions

Folks, autumn is here! If you are planning a cool family dinner or a party with your friends on the weekend, a great and cozy table setting in the fall is a must. We’d like to show you some amazing examples that look so good your guests would be amazed. Take pumpkins, leaves, vegetables, fruits or berries to decorate the table, add a cool tablecloth and napkins. You can choose a more traditional table with porcelain in shades of orange and red, or switch to olive green, white or purple and decorate with natural leaves, nuts or pears. Check out some more great ideas, centerpieces, and table settings below, get some tips and ideas, and invite your guests to wow them!

Colors and prints

Find out which color scheme you’d like – will it be a neutral table? A colorful one? A neutral person with bright accents? Go for traditional fall colors like brown, rust, orange, dark red and burgundy, or go for white, brown, light green and gray. Purple and orange accents make your neutral table landscape bolder and more modern. Prints can make your table landscape bolder and more catchy. Plaid is the most popular print for fall decorations. But you can also try stripes and polka dots.


If you prefer a long-lasting decor, you can use artificial pumpkins, berries, flowers and leaves. If you want something fresh and bold, choose natural foliage, ferns, pumpkins, and fruits and vegetables that will make your table landscape more modern. Candles give the table a cozy atmosphere, and printed or neutral textiles are a must – table runners, napkins and a tablecloth will help you to beautify the table and create an ambience. Think of woven placemats, bamboo, or sticks that add texture and a rustic feel to the table. Your porcelain can be neutral and monochrome or printed and light to give the table a whimsy touch.


Centerpieces and table runners are an indispensable part of the decor. They can consist of flowers, leaves, fruits and vegetables – natural or not. You can put the centerpiece in an urn, bowl, vase, or directly on the table. A table runner made of fruit and vegetables as well as leaves makes your table landscape more modern, while a floral centerpiece with leaves gives the table a vintage flair. Check out the ideas below for some inspiration!

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