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Fall Pumpkin Stands For Outdoor And Indoor Decor

Autumn is in full swing right now, and the sweetest country-style décor adds warmth and cosiness to these cool days. Pumpkin stands are a great way to decorate for fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. They’re perfect centerpieces that absolutely anyone can make at the last minute, and here are several different ideas for putting such a decor together.

By a pumpkin stand, I meant an ordinary cake stand on which you can place a pumpkin – a simple and cool decoration for indoors and outdoors, a centerpiece or a mantelpiece. This seemingly overly simple piece can be varied in many ways to give it a unique look that will suit your decor. First of all, you can choose from different stands – from glamorous mercury glass stands to rustic wooden stands, from ordinary to tiered pieces. The choice depends on the style of your table landscape or the room you are decorating. Second, the pumpkins you use can also be different. For example, you can use natural or artificial pumpkins, painted or not painted, fabric or crocheted, glitter or beaded, and so on. But that’s not all! You can also add some other items to make your pumpkin cooler: berries, leaves, flowers, or even your pumpkin as a vase for a flower arrangement. A pumpkin on a stand is a timeless idea that goes with any decorating style and interior, and will work throughout the fall for Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. Check out the ideas below and get inspired to make one! Turn on your imagination to create something unique or steal these ideas. You are so pretty!

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