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Fall Mantel Decorating Ideas

Welcome to fall folks! It’s not far from here and it’s high time to decorate your home a little to greet and say hello to this sweet season. Today I want to inspire you with beautiful autumn coats that create a mood while you sit by the fireplace.

Faux and natural autumn leaves

There are many ideas that can be applied to fall coats, and artificial or natural fall leaves are number one among them. You can make garlands or wreaths from artificial or naturally preserved leaves to give your mantelpiece a cozy fall look.


Pumpkins are a must for fall coats. Faux, vintage mercury, tiny whites and large oranges from the market or even your garden, they will decorate your mantelpiece perfectly. You can even put just the same pumpkins on your mantelpiece for a laconic but rustic and comfy look. Pumpkins too small? Put them on stands and voila!


Candles in different candle holders are supposed to create some charm and comfort. Choose candle holders according to your mantelpiece: vintage or shabby chic, lanterns, modern or others that will suit your interior.


Wreaths are another cool idea to add life to your mantelpiece without wasting a lot of time or money. Such a wreath can be made of artificial leaves, berries, burlap or feathers – anything that comes to mind and is related to autumn is welcome.


Bunting is a cheap and fun way to spice up your mantelpiece. Make some paper or cardboard bunting and use them to decorate your mantelpiece or the wall above. It’s so easy and so cool! Get more creative ideas below and transform your mantelpiece into one inspired by fall.

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