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Fall Leaves For Home Decor

Fall is here and if you enjoy collecting brightly colored foliage, you can use it as home decor. Even if you don’t want to collect anything, just buy some brightly colored artificial leaves and use them for decorating and crafting. Here are some rocking ideas and some decorations for easy crafting – no instructions are required. Let us begin!


Make cool displays with colorful leaves: put branches that you like in vases and surround them with pumpkins and nuts. Add signs and neon lights, candles and apples. The leaves can be natural or false, the latter are more durable. Place large pumpkins on each side of your front door and put leaves in them – the taller the branches are, the more they look like trees.

Works of art

There are plenty of DIY tutorials out there for creating a fall leaf piece of art for your home. These can be appliqués, framed sheets of acrylic, sheets of paper that take up an entire wall. Read the tutorials and choose what you’d like to add fall art to your space.

Wreaths and garlands

Fall leaves are great for making garlands or wreaths – just put them in string or wire and decorate your home. If you take artificial leaves, you can use these decorations year after year. Add LED lights under the leaves and you have a cool and bright garland. Make a wreath with a shape or just put leaves on wire, decorate the wreath with plaid ribbons, pumpkins, apples and berries.

Other ideas

There are some other ideas for using fake and real fall leaves for home decor. Make bowls with autumn leaves, cover your glass candle holders with string with leaves, make decoupage pumpkins with autumn leaves, hang some leaf garlands on your chandeliers and lamps, let them hang like those leaves were falling down.

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