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Fall Decor Ideas In Non Traditional Colors

Traditional fall colors are orange, red, green, gray, yellow, chocolate and burgundy – but how can you decorate your home if you don’t like these colors or if they don’t go well with your interior? Don’t worry, there are so many ideas to decorate your home for fall and so many colors – from pink to navy!

Blue autumn decor

Blue is a fantastic calming color that a lot of people like, and it’s totally unusual for fall decorations, but you can rock different shades of it to make your fall dreams extra special. Paint some acorns with this color or make a pumpkin out of blue fabric, choose ombre blue pumpkin arrangements and blue flowers. Set the tables in blue and white and add metallic accents for a very modern look.

Pink autumn decor

Pink is another non-typical color for fall, but it brings so much fun and glamor to your space that you can’t resist using it! Pink flowers, pink pumpkins, wreaths of artificial pink autumn vegetables – these are just a few ideas to use! You can add different effects to your pink pumpkins like color block, ombre and others and create a unique space.

Colorful autumn decor

If you love different colors and want to create a colorful crowd, go ahead! The first and most important thing for autumn decoration is a pumpkin, which you can paint in any color you want – blush pink, purple or green; You can also dress it up in a cozy color and create a crazy arrangement of bright pumpkins. Decorate your table with colored china and napkins, add colorful signs and works of art to create a mood. Look for more ideas below and pick a few for your home decor!

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