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Eye Catchy Shadow Inspired Drinks Cabinet

Inspired by a trip to Japan and traditional Japanese furniture, Hugh Miller Furniture created a unique drinks cabinet that is sure to amaze you.

The designers spent approximately 1000 hours handcrafting the In Shadows drinks cabinet. The labor-intensive piece combines Japanese bamboo, solid brass rods, and British elm that has been stained with black Japanese calligraphy ink, resulting in a cabinet that focuses on craftsmanship. The name of the cabinet comes from the Japanese essay ‘In Praise of Shadows’, a piece on Japanese aesthetics with a section on lacquerware and how it was designed to be seen in low light.

The diagonal pieces of bamboo on the doors and the diagonal brass bar panels cleverly disguise a Japanese coffee set by the Japanese ceramist Saiko Fukuoka. The set can be seen in the shadows and light filtering through the gaps. This is a fresh take on traditional Japanese products made using new methods and techniques. Such a liquor cabinet is sure to make a bold statement in your space.

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