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European Inspired Residence

The Harrison Residence is located in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. It was remodeled in a number of architectural styles by Alabama office, Jeffrey Dungan Architects. This is a home for customers who love to travel but are also looking for a beach home to relax in.

The house is adjacent to a nature reserve and coastal dune lake, Draper Lake, which Dungan says is a unique natural occurrence. The architect created the L-shaped house on the water with in-situ concrete to withstand the hurricanes and storms in the region. White stucco covers the facade and sets the project apart from its dense pine and shrubbery surroundings. The house offers a mix of Mediterranean and historic European architectural styles, as evidenced by the arched doors, the dark lattice windows, the curved lines and the wood details. Customers wanted a European accent, but it’s a beach house too so there should be something playful about it.

The layout includes a living room, two en-suite bedrooms and a covered outdoor seating area on the ground floor. The ground floor is elevated to take inspiration from an element of Renaissance architecture known as the Piano Nobile. It was chosen by the architect to make the most of the view and take advantage of the sea breeze. On the first floor you will see a screened outdoor area, a terrace and an outdoor shower. On the top floor there is a sitting area and a bathroom. The residence is rounded off by a two-car garage, which is located below the master bedroom.

The interior design offers contemporary designs that stand out from the classic architectural elements of the building. A monochrome palette of whites and creams adds black accents to the decor for contrast, including the window trim. Light wood covers most floors and ceilings.

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