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Ergonomic Side Table

Are you looking for a perfect side table with a catchy design or a comfortable item for your small entrance area? Look no further because here it is!

The Axes side table by designer Andre Leal from Studio Maré is a beautiful demonstration of how tension can be used to introduce a visually interesting element into the design of a product. The seductive piece of furniture is inspired by Lucios Costa Urbanistic drawings of the modern Brazilian capital Brasilia. This unique shape allows objects to hang on their side axes.

The careful choice of materials gives Axes an industrial and very relevant aesthetic. The central steel tube leads to a small, weighted base, which further adds to the visual tension of the design. This side table is ideal for small rooms due to its ergonomics and maximum functionality, which is effortlessly shown to advantage. It can also be rocked from the sofa in a living room. All in all, the unique and elegant design of Axes results in a remarkably beautiful design that is sure to steal the spotlight in any room!

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