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Elegant Modular Sofa

The Longueville Landscape Sofa is a classic that first appeared in 1998 and was recently remodeled by Jori.

This is a casual style sofa with a flowing, organic and evolving look that the word “landscape” suggests. The piece is a modular sofa that includes a standalone sofa and ottoman of various sizes so that you can create your own item to suit your own space. In this new edition there are rotating armrests with which trays, magazines and laptops can be stored. The height of the back of the sofa and the depth of the seat have been carefully designed to be extremely comfortable. The design stays elegant thanks to its slim, tapered legs and discreet piping.

The Longueville Landscape sofa is ideal for socializing. Such sofas allow you to create a whole conversation pit and modular functions that you need. It’s also great for compact spaces as you only use a sofa and you can even turn it into a day bed if you need to.

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