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Elegant Furniture For Black And White Bathroom by Devondevon

Devon & Devon presented a new line of bathroom furniture at MosBuild 2009 in Moscow. The main idea is to recreate the furniture style typical of America in the 30s. In addition to renovating art deco furniture, the designers of this company also offered consumers a very stylish and contemporary product. Among all the products in the line there are fantastic collections of elegant black washbasins. The most amazing of them are Audrey and Miami. Audrey and Miami look almost similar, only differing in a few elements of the finish. Each of these two washbasins has two cabinets that are decorated with brilliant buttons made of transparent crystals. Their black marble tops and lacquered wooden bases are perfectly combined with pure white porcelain washbasins. Thanks to this, this furniture fits perfectly with the fashionable black and white interior design. You can visit the Devon & Devon website and examine all of the products.

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