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Electrolux Aurora Illuminated Induction Cooktop

The new, pure white, illuminated hob from Ele? Trolux has induction technology for cooking. It uses electromagnetic fields to transfer energy into the saucepan, which then turns into heat. The heat is generated at the bottom of the pan, not by a heating element. In fact, this turns the pan itself into a hot plate and draws a significant amount of radiant heat from the hob surface.

The design of the hob is unique. The idea is to be beautiful to fit into any crossover space that blurs the distinction between kitchen and living areas. The LED perimeter lighting creates additional drama when using the product. The surface of the hob is made of white patterned ceramic glass with user-friendly touch controls.

Electrolux Aurora is an example of how existing functions (in this case induction cooking) are used and design creates a unique product that strongly embodies the values ​​of the Electrolux brand. The hob received an Australian design mark. Although the price for such a work of art is not very cheap. It’s going to cost about $ 10,000.

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