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Edgy Suction Stool Of Glass And Metal

A stool is traditionally a sturdy piece of a metal base and seat or wooden object. You don’t expect so much from such a functional piece of furniture. The stool we share today is full of contemporary aesthetics and is sure to make a statement.

XYZ’s suction stool has a unique design that uses lever suction cups that are attached to a thick glass plate. The piece of furniture has a metallic skeleton base and integrated suction cups in the upper area that keep the flat glass seating area in place. This creates a durable yet discreet seating solution for the home that is perfect for smaller spaces where traditional furniture attracts too much visual attention and makes a room seem more cluttered than it actually is. The piece has an industrial appearance that is sure to be admired by those who love contemporary spaces, where glass and metallic materials are abundant.

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