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Eco Friendly Furniture

The Mexican architecture firm Paola Calzada Arquitectos produces its line of robust flat furniture from recycled plastic bottles and Valchromat from wood fiber material.

The pieces consist either of 100 percent recycled plastic bottles melted into boards, or of 12 millimeter thick Valchromat panels – a solid-colored MDF material made from wood obtained from sustainably certified forests in Portugal. The plastic sheet or Valchromat sheets are simply put together to form the parts. The Valchromat furniture is only intended for indoor use, while the recycled plastic furniture is resistant to sunlight, water and heavy use and is therefore robust enough to be used both indoors and outdoors. No chemicals are added in the manufacture of the materials. After cutting the boards, flat parts are created that are easily assembled in the customer’s house. No nails or glue are required.

To date, Luken has recycled up to 80,000 plastic bottles to keep them from ending up in rivers, lakes and oceans. Each piece in the collection recycles approximately 600 polyethylene bottles. Such furniture is sure to make the world the best, rock indoors and outdoors!

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