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Eclectic With Vibrant Personality

This extraordinary Manhattan loft was recently renovated by designers Loukas Angelou and Vasso Asfi and reflects the diverse backgrounds, extroverted nature and lively personalities of the owners. The inspiration came right after meeting the loft’s new cosmopolitan residents, as the two designers discover, and evolved into an elegantly choreographed interior, underpinned by an eclectic aesthetic that echoes the building’s industrial heritage, the restrained elegance of the contemporary Memphis Group boldly combines minimalism and the crazy playfulness that is reminiscent of the 1980s.

The loft has a large open space that the designers took full advantage of to create a spacious living and dining area where the owners can entertain 10 to 15 guests for dinner or cocktails if desired. The layout is arranged around a central seating area and has several satellite breakout areas on the periphery, including a small workstation and study corner. It invites guests to meet in intimate clusters and chat effortlessly. The open kitchen is done in tones of white and offers plenty of storage space and seating without distracting from the main social center, while the adjoining dining area discreetly asserts its presence.

Anchored in a mischievous collection of contemporary art that reflects the eclectic tastes of the owners, the interior design of the living and dining areas is based on a whimsical interplay of colors, textures and shapes. Exposed brickwork, unpainted wooden beams and hardwood floors give the room an urban coarseness, which is contrasted in a whimsical way by an eclectically curated collection of minimalist furniture of stylized elegance and curvaceous geometry. Complemented by a range of unique carpets and lights that blur the boundaries between works of art and furniture, and complemented by a subtle color palette of soft pastel tones peppered with vivid blues and reds, the various decorative elements that the designers cleverly brought together harmoniously became merge into a sophisticated ensemble.

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