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Eclectic Townhouse Quirky Art

This townhouse in The Hague is a combination of classic, modern, vintage and neutrality coupled with bold spots. This is a trendy, atmospheric apartment with bold artwork and unique items that set the tone of the rooms. Let’s take a closer look at these 100 square meters!

The house has mostly dark walls everywhere – olive green, gray, with the exception of the winter garden, which is designed with light green walls that make you feel like you are outside. You can see white wooden floors and original moldings on the ceilings, but the style of the apartment itself is eclectic as there are many elements of different styles that go together harmoniously. The furniture is also totally eclectic: here you see vintage, modern, minimalist, glamorous and rustic mid-century and many other items, and the same goes for decoration.

The winter garden is the only bright room in the house. It consists of light green, a glass wall and light works of art – thanks to the green walls it really feels like being outdoors. There are two dining areas – a small breakfast by the fireplace and a separate room that reflects each other. Both rooms can serve as home offices or just as work rooms. Even though the fireplace doesn’t work, it still adds to the ambience of the house. Another very peculiar room is the kitchen, which is equipped with a shabby chic table with a lot of texture, which contrasts the more or less modern space itself and gives it character. Get more pictures of this amazing house below!

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