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Eclectic Kitchen Decor Ideas

Let’s get eclectic! Eclectic style means combining colors, patterns, styles and eras so effortlessly and organically that it appears that these elements were created for each other. Today we’re going to see how to design eclectic kitchens that work beautifully while perfectly reflecting your tastes and personality. Such kitchens show your lifestyle and individuality and look full of life! Let’s see how to mix up details and items with style without creating chaos.

Mix and match

Combine different objects with contrasting colors and eras – this is the key to creating a versatile kitchen! This can be various pieces of furniture, decorations, even china and glasses. Depending on what you choose, display them with a contrasting detail – a backsplash or a shelf that doesn’t fit at all!

Include repetitions

Use visual repetitions to avoid messy looks and to bring your kitchen design together. Choose a color or geometric shape that repeats itself across ornaments and in pictures and wall hangings, or even in some parts of your kitchen cabinets. If your room has a brightly colored focal point, it’s a bold color that is repeated in accents throughout the room. Make sure that your entire color palette goes well together and doesn’t overwhelm viewers trying to create a colorful kitchen.

Embed vintage

Upcycling is a great way to add a vibrant vintage touch to your kitchen design. Add small items such as B. transform cool wine or gin bottles into candle holders or vases for wildflowers. Or, make vintage furniture such as shabby chic chairs, traditional pub bar stools, or even an old country kitchen style dresser a focal point of your kitchen design. Vintage items look particularly cool paired with elegant, minimalist or modern design, and give it life.

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