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Eclectic Home That Was Art Studio

Rodić Davidson Architects has transformed two artist studios into a tall family house in London, filled with eclectic furniture and eye-catching artwork.

It’s called Turner’s Studio because a blue plaque on the side of the building suggests these particular studios were inhabited by the painter between 1811 and 1829, although the claim is unfounded. Rodić Davidson’s transformation celebrates many of the characteristics that made the building suitable for painting. The owners wanted to keep aspects of their previous home life while creating a home that could accommodate a growing family. They also wanted to design their art collection.

Everything above the earth was removed to create a single room of considerable volume that was filled with light. This cleared the ground floor and became a single open space for lounging, cooking, eating and entertaining that opens onto a back garden.

High, sloping ceilings and large skylights allow natural light into the interior, including a large new basement. The new basement doubles the floor space of the two original buildings and offers plenty of space for a master bedroom, two children’s rooms, a playroom and bathroom.

The plan focuses on a central stairwell and light shaft, both of which help bring plenty of daylight into the basement. Artworks are scattered across the walls, including on the exposed whitewashed brickwork that forms the back of the original facade. Patterned sofas and royal blue dining chairs in the living area match their bright colors. Interior designer Suzy Hoodless has also added a lot of color on the main floor, from the splatter-style wallpaper in the kids’ rooms to the deep red hue of the master bedroom. The surfaces are kept bright and light, creating a blank canvas for the display of colorful paintings and objects.

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