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Eclectic Home Decor Tips

If you don’t know which living style to choose because you like several: rustic, boho, modern or others, if you don’t like when rooms look appropriate, your living style can be versatile. Although the word “versatile” makes you think of chaotic design with no direction, it has become a creative and attractive way to decorate any room. Check out these tips to recreate such an interior and decorate your home!

Keep everything in balance

Eclectic doesn’t offer disorganized chaos. All you have to do is to balance your worn and flea market finds with more modern pieces. You can also combine modern with rustic elements to create a cozy feel, or combine Mediterranean and boho chic styles.

Practice cohesion

Eclectic decor is not about over-decoration. You should find some ways to harmonize your decor. The easiest way is to use a single color scheme, which gives flexibility to mix elements of different styles in your space while still keeping the same colors. If you prefer a decor that has more color, start with a neutral primer and add color with the furniture. It’s best to stick to a signature color that you implement throughout the room. A simplified color palette will keep your space cohesive and charming. No mess will enter your room!

Create a focus

As you arrange your layout, take a step back and identify your focus. Even with a wide variety of styles and periods, there should still be a centerpiece in the room. If you don’t find anything special, keep shopping! Your room isn’t complete without that eye-catching piece that your guests will all be talking about.

Add personality

Do you have a hobby that you want your guests to see? Now is the time! A versatile space is the perfect setting to show your creative side. You can also add some unique elements to your decor. Eclectics is about adding creative pieces to your decor in unexpected ways.

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