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Eclectic Furniture

The French design brand Colonel has just launched its latest collection for 2016. It includes a range of lamps, coffee tables and a sideboard, all of which are available in different colors and can even be customized. The new pieces evoke travel feelings with a range of influences including 1930s architecture, African art and geometry. Do you think it is impossible to combine such things? Check out these pieces! The furniture and objects mix a lively and muted palette with graphic patterns, thus expanding your range of unique, unforgettable collections.

The sideboard is available in two colors: strong blue and light wood. It’s kind of wrapped in a dark blue surface. The handles are bright orange, geometric and reminiscent of video games.

The coffee tables scream the 20thth Century: These are super bright table tops on metal grid floors.

There is a large selection of table lamps whose construction is reminiscent of the coffee tables: There is a metal lattice base and a strong lampshade. All colors are made from different materials: fabric, wood bark, etc. All are bold, textured or patterned.

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