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Eclectic Bedroom Decor Ideas

What does versatile decor mean? It means a room with no rules, where old meets new, stripes meet animal prints, neutrals meet brights, and anything you want to include in the decor is possible and welcome! Of course, you can’t just mess everything up, and it takes some common themes to create a cool design. Today’s round-up will help you make your bedroom stylish and versatile.

mix colors

Eclectic shouldn’t be extremely light as it’s tasteless. In addition, a bedroom should be a little quieter so that you can sleep comfortably. If you love brights, keep the walls and floors neutral to avoid sensory overload – a no-no in the bedroom. Combine your palette to your heart’s content, but distribute your basic colors throughout the room. For example, in the bedroom shown here, pink is used on the bed and in every work of art, while the bench, lamp and work of art appear golden and yellow.

Mix patterns

A versatile bedroom has many patterns. The key to being successful in mixing designs is to match at least one color throughout and choose patterns that work well together. In general, you will find that geometric shapes, stripes or dots work very well with nature motifs such as animal motifs, flowers, fern or leaf patterns, and bird or animal motifs. If you want to go crazy with the color and pattern, keep the walls white or stick firmly on the bed and window treatments.

Mix furniture styles

What defines the eclectic look the most is a mix of different styles that are combined to complement each other. Fill your bedroom with pieces you love, even if they’re not traditional matches. Be aware – balance and size are crucial in this type of decoration. Your furniture may not be from the same decade – or even the same century – but it still needs to be in scale with the space and each other.

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