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Eclectic Bathrooms

We have already shared some ideas about what eclectic decor means and how to create it in your home. Now it’s time to take a look at some chic, eclectic spaces that are really welcome and that will really make you rock this style in your home. Today these will be bathrooms!

Keep everything in balance

Eclectic doesn’t mean chaos, you should keep your decor in balance, and to do that you can stick to just two styles, for example, and offset the flea market finds and buy furniture and paint. Create a single color scheme or a single color that is the main color. This offers flexibility to mix elements of different styles in your room and still keep them in the same colors. If you want to create a very bold space, start with a neutral bathroom and then add elements.

Create a focus

Choose a piece that is the focus in the bathroom: there should always be a centerpiece in every room. It can be a large and colorful bathtub, it can be a large and bold vanity, it can be an arrangement of artwork and mirrors, an arrangement of potted greens and flowers (a hot idea for a boho room), an oversized piece of art, or anything otherwise you like.

Add accessories

A bathroom is usually a laconic and practical space that doesn’t show a lot of accessories and decorations. However, if you are versatile then these should be added. Such elements will help you create an ambience, atmosphere and the right styles that you have chosen. Mats, layered carpets, elegant stools, bamboo umbrellas, various pot greens and other things are just right for the eclectic.

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