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Eclectic Barn Mountain Home

South Tyrol is one of the most beautiful and picturesque regions in Italy, and here at the foot of the Sciliar Mountain in Bolzano, South Tyrol proudly stands for a beautiful cabin-like retreat. The new and improved structure was designed and built by Studio Noa * (Network of Architecture). The cabin takes full advantage of the stunning views, and as far as the overall design and architecture goes, this is quite a versatile structure.

Outside, Messner House 9as has a strong traditional atmosphere with local influences. However, it is obvious that the structure has a modern character and this is especially visible inside. The house offers a total of 220 square meters of living space, has two floors and a very original identity thanks to the old and new contrast. This duality gives it a lot of character. The traditional seashell hides a much more modern interior with everything a modern person needs. The interior design is eclectic, with traditional, rustic and modern elements that seamlessly blend together.

The rooms are warm and inviting and the colors muted and neutral. The warm wood and other natural colors are complemented by blue and turquoise accents. The social areas interact seamlessly with each other thanks to an open and quite flexible layout. Large full-height windows open up the interiors to the breathtaking views.

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