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Easter Console Table Decor

Whether you have a console in the entryway or in the living room, dress it up for different seasons and maybe also for the holidays to make your decor more personal and cool. First, consider the style of your space to choose the right decor. Second, choose the items you like: bunnies, birds, nests, eggs, birdcages, and greens and flowers – artificial or real, it depends on the fact whether you want a more permanent decor or not. Now let’s look at some ideas on how to decorate your console table for Easter.

Flowers and greenery

Flowers, greens, and moss are really a spring and Easter thing. They are ideal for decorating your console for spring and Easter. You can put some flowering twigs in a vase, grow some spring onions in pots, make green wreaths and moss balls. You can use them all at once, add some eggs and bunnies and voila!


Eggs are a symbol of Easter and can be used not only as a treat, but also as a decoration. You can go for the usual painted eggs, clay, or even mercury glass. Put them on stands, in glasses, baskets, nests, make garlands, wreaths and banners. Make an Easter tree out of branches and hang some egg decorations on it, create different displays with bunnies, moss and flowers.


Bunnies are also great for Easter decorations and go well with all of the above decorations: moss, greens, flowers, various figures and eggs. They can be china, wood, moss and even as garlands and works of art.

Other ideas

Nests, artificial birds, bird cages, crosses and many other ideas can be used for decorating the Easter console. Potted greens, bulbs, flowers, flower heads and artificially flowering branches are welcome to give your room an Easterly touch. You can also add Easter desserts, eggs, and drinks to the console to pamper everyone.

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