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Earthy Concrete Home

The Cca Studio presents Casa Moulat, a single-family house that fits into a dry and protected landscape. Located in Mexico, the house adapts to the condition of the site and uses local materials. The architects emphasize the use of colored concrete and have created a unique earth tone on the walls, which refers to the soil of the region and matches the warm tones of the sunset. The project examines the duality of open and closed spaces and welcomes nature in.

The residence extends on one level on a base of carved stone, the slight differences in height of which respond to the gentle slope of the floor. The interior of the residence is adapted to the topography of the location and shows the foundation as a skirting board with different heights. Two volumes of earth-colored concrete, in which the private rooms are located, rise above the foundation.

Both volumes are connected by two large concrete beams that support the visible wooden structure of the double pitched roof. The main room under this element is completely open through the large windows and transforms the living area into a covered terrace that creates a connection between inside and outside.

A roof atrium is located in the gable of the roof and hides the kitchen below. This provides a stark contrast to the black furnishings and the range of materials. The main feature of the project is achieved through the collaboration with local suppliers and artisans who are given a unique color for the concrete walls that distinguish Casa Moulat of Cca as an artistically local project.

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