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Dreamy Sunken Bathtub Designs To Relax

Sunken bathtubs are trending now because they are beautiful and add a spa touch to your bathroom as they are often built in resorts. Of course, they’re more difficult to install and occupy a certain amount of space, but they’re so comfortable! You can design such a bathroom in different styles: Greek, Tropical, Moroccan, Minimalist, Zen or any other. If it’s not a one-piece tub, but a space designed as a tub, you can make it out of concrete or cover it with tiles, depending on the style you choose. Add a fireplace, luxurious natural cosmetics, candles and flower petals and your impressive bathroom is ready!

Functional bathtubs

A functional sunken bathtub usually combines a bathtub and a shower room – this means that your bathing areas won’t take up much floor space. Your sunken bathtub can be made from concrete, tile, stone, and even wood. You can also opt for a deck around your bathtub space. Avoid using slippery decks to prevent falling. You can also add sliding glass doors to your shower as usual and open them when you take a bath.

Relaxing bathtubs

A relaxing bathtub that is not combined with a shower room can be placed anywhere – even in a bedroom! If you opt for a relaxing bathtub only, think about a view – put your bathtub next to a glass wall if privacy isn’t a concern, or even hang curtains and open them if necessary. Surround your sunken tub with candles, pebbles, potted plants and flowers, make a built-in fireplace, or set up a stove to relax with two elements at once.

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