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Drawing Desk For Creative People

If you’re a creative person and you need a nice desk to draw, sketch and paint, or maybe even do some crafting, you don’t have to make it – here it is. The Portuguese pen manufacturer Viarco has teamed up with the multidisciplinary studio Digitalab on a desk. Not only is the Risko Drawing Desk full of storage space, it also includes a roll of paper that you can roll up when you use it. It offers a lot of space to be creative.

The modern desk is made of oak with a large work surface for most of the artistic work. At the back of the desk is a channel with removable boxes that can be used to store pens, brushes, and other art objects. You can also use it to prop up your tablet or a book. The roll of paper and empty spindle are hidden in front-facing compartments with dials that allow you to advance the paper when you run out of space. It also makes the desk look tidier and tidier this way. Get the desk for any kind of creative work or artwork!

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