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Double Height Apartment

Design and architecture studio OM Shumelda has built a two-story apartment for a young creative client in the upper part of the city of Lviv in Ukraine, which connects the first and second levels to create a light and open interior. The project, titled 2 in 1, has a double-height room in the heart of the apartment that houses common living areas such as the kitchen, dining and living room. This area benefits from two rows of large windows that illuminate the interior and offer residents a clear view of the Lviv panorama.

OM Shumelda Design and Architecture developed the 2-in-1 apartment around the double-height common space, in which a table in a black metal frame takes center stage. The kitchen, dining and living room and toilet are all around, while all functions are hidden and strategically distributed on the first level. A second row of windows, usually on the upper level, brings additional daylight into the common areas, resulting in a comfortable, spacious interior. At the same time, a thin ladder gives residents access to a small platform in front of the windows where they can enjoy the city panorama.

The second floor of the apartment is divided into three zones including: the master bedroom overlooking the impressive city skyline; a half-open bathroom with a hammock; and a lounge area with a library around the perimeter. The apartment is characterized by a monochromatic color palette, white stairs, glass partitions and lots of green that unite and organize the entire space. I absolutely love that this minimalist apartment is littered with dreamy details like rocking chairs, a hammock in the bathroom, and large windows to enjoy the view and natural light.

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