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Desert Garden Design Ideas

If you live in the desert, how do you design a garden that is inviting rather than prickly and dry? Make the most of everything you can: dramatic plants, big rocks, bold colors, and other things you can see in the desert, and add a fountain as an oasis. The ideas we have gathered will inspire you and wow your desert garden!

Cactus love

Entrance walls or a front yard fence provide a natural backdrop for large and dramatic plants that form the base of your garden. What can be more dramatic than large cacti? Try different shapes and sizes to create a memorable space and you will get it easily!

Sculptural rocks

Rocks are an essential part of a desert and it is a very cool idea to include some large and spectacular rocks in your desert garden. You can go for rock steps, for large rock banks and just rocks that are incorporated into the landscape here and there.

Stratified plantings

Create a layered look with succulents and cacti, mix in different agaves and other plants that fill every inch of your garden on every level, otherwise the garden will look a little empty. Rock different colors or choose the same ones but play with shapes and sizes – it’s up to you and the landscape you want to create.

Water fountains

A fountain is always an oasis that brings relaxation and relieves tension, but especially in a desert garden that is constantly reminiscent of dry land. Opting for a natural looking fountain made from stones or bowls will make your desert garden very calming and welcoming.

Striking plants

Statement plants – succulents, agaves, cacti – make your garden amazingly catchy. You can play with shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns on the plants, go for a super tall post cactus or super bright agave, or try a catchy succulent – it’s up to you and your space. Be inspired and create your own masterpiece in the desert!

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