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Delightful Nursery Ideas

Creating the first room for your child can be tricky, especially if you are an expectant parent and have many things to decide at the same time. How can you create an exciting space that is functional and comfortable for both a child and parents? Here are some tips that can help you decorate the nursery in the best possible way.

Build around the subject

Choose a theme for kindergarten: let your imagination run wild and have fun sticking to the theme and colors. Decorating an adult room may not be as fun because there are usually no themes, but this is where you can create a whimsy room. Bright colors, bold prints, colorful artwork, and large decorative pieces are welcome if they go with the theme.

If it’s a girl’s room, you can go for princess, vintage, shabby chic, and some other cute girlish themes, and for colors, try shades of pink and various pastels. Boys rooms are often designed with ocean, aviation, space and other themes like these. The colors are black, gray, navy. Do you need a gender neutral room? Try a rustic, animal, travel or adventure theme, or just go for neutral colors that will suit everyone. Of course, these ideas are not rules, and if you like blue and you have a daughter, then designing a blue-shaded room for her will not be a problem.

Choose functional furniture

Functional furniture is a right decision, regardless of whether the room is small or not. Such furniture saves space, money and so on. Think cool convertible cots and creative and playful toys with a function: shelves in the shape of animals or trees to play with, hide a changing table in a dresser or cupboard, hang some bags or baskets on a railing to store everything, what you need. Don’t forget – buy a comfortable chair or armchair with a footrest – believe me, you will need it!

Provide storage

Children need a ton of stuff and that means they will need a lot of storage space and items. Built-in storage is always a good idea, especially for many rooms. Dressers with open shelves and baskets can hold anything from books to toys, and a breadboard over a changing table can hold a lot. Open shelves store a lot, but they don’t look bulky, and the space under the bed can also be used! Get more cool ideas below!

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