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Delicate Cherry Blossom Decor Ideas For Spring

Cherry blossoms, or sakura as the Japanese call them, are so beautiful and delicate! I think there is nothing more springtime than this! Cherry blossom wallpaper or wall decals will help you to easily transform your room into a spring room. Wall tiles are great for your bathroom or kitchen. You can make or buy cherry blossom branches yourself and use them for wreaths, centerpieces and other arrangements, or just take fresh ones and rock them! You can say that cherry blossoms are too feminine, but you can always go with dark tiles or neutral wall decals with cherry blossoms so that they look appropriate in a masculine interior too. Get inspired!

Real / silk cherry blossom

If you have branches of real or silk cherry blossom, there are several ways to arrange them – they are so beautiful themselves that they don’t require a lot of decor. Pick any vase you like that goes with your home decor – one made of clear glass, one made of concrete, one made of matte porcelain, or any other including rustic urns, jugs, and buckets. Make wreaths out of cherry blossoms, decorate your chandelier with cherry blossoms and make cool centerpieces out of them.

Cherry blossom decor

Cherry blossom decor can be incorporated into home decor, for decals on the walls, for decor on tiles, removable decals on the wallpaper and so on. You can rock any color, style, and look – this is your cool, springtime piece of art! Have fun!

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