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Dark Moody Bathroom Designs

Moody decor is becoming increasingly popular and more and more designers are rocking it. We love dark rooms because they are relaxing, mysterious, eye-catching and different. It’s not about those light-flooded aesthetics, it’s about shadows and dark beauty. Today I want to inspire you to decorate your bathroom in dark, atmospheric colors and you will never regret it no matter which style you choose.

Most atmospheric dark bathrooms are done in minimalist, modern, wabi sabi, art deco and industrial styles as these styles look fantastic and natural in dark colors. Add a touch of rustic or vintage style for a chic rather than boring look. Let’s take a closer look at how to make your dark bathroom stand out.

Sink space

Choose your style and keep it in mind when decorating. You can opt for dark gray, brown, or black tile or stone for a textured look. Concrete also goes well if it’s moody enough, and wooden cabinets and countertops give it a sophisticated touch. If you can afford that, go for black marble countertops or even walls, you will love them. A mirror can also add style to the room and even make it up if it’s an impressive vintage framed or a large minimal. Dark rooms need additional light. So when decorating, remember to use pendants and hidden lights in the mirror and under the drawers.

Shower and bath areas

Dress your shower and bath area with dark tile or stone for functionality, or it can be dark concrete for durability. While most showers are decorated in a laconic and minimalist way, the bathing area can and should be your stunning focal point in the bathroom. Rock fabulous vintage-style copper bathtubs to make a statement or a black stone bathtub for a relaxing spa feel. Consider having some windows or lots of light or your dark bathroom will look smaller than it is. Put candles around the bathtub for a chic look and a relaxing touch.

Dark colors are often used for male spaces. So if you want one, this is your option. Liven up your bathroom with potted greens and flowers for a chic look. Use copper and brass details to give your dark bathroom a chic look. In order not to keep it boring, just play with textures and use natural materials like wood, stone and marble.

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