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Cute Yet Practical Nursery Organization Ideas

Has a little miracle happened in your family? Is it puzzling how to organize your own space? Here we are with a lot of ideas! A closet can be a perfect storage space, hanging everything and putting it in drawers, putting labels on the drawers to know what’s inside. A changing table can also be great for storage. Just put some drawers or baskets under the top or hang some cool shelves on the sides. Peg boards were and always are up for storage, hang them anywhere you want and just add hooks and shelves. Check out other cool ideas below and create an organized space for your baby!

Organized closets

Most kindergartens have a closet so you can organize it well: just add some holders for hangers, put up a dresser for storage, an open storage unit with baskets or boxes and also open compartments. Woven boxes and wire baskets are also easy to store and organize. You can also use them separately or insert them into other furniture.

Switch tables

A changing table is a must for a kindergarten, and you can use it for storage and organization too. The changing table can be a dresser – so you can use drawers for storage, or it can be an open storage unit so you can add baskets and boxes for smaller items.

Chests of drawers and storage units

Chests of drawers, various sideboards and other storage units are what you need to organize your kindergarten and store everything you need. Put it in the closet or anywhere in the room or next to the bed to store everything you need.

Other ideas

There are many other ways to organize a kindergarten! Wall-mounted wire basket, pallet boxes hanging from ropes in the corner, trolleys for storage and organization (grab Raskog from IKEA!), Built-in bookcases or shelves, jars with lids, and wire baskets on stands – this is just part of the list Ideas that you can use. Get organized!

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