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Cute Twig Fall Decor Ideas

Take your kids for a nice walk and collect some twigs and twigs. Then come home and do some wonderful decorations. Branches are always perfect for rustic and natural decor, but especially in autumn or winter. What can be cheaper than them?

You can create monograms, create words, attach branches to frames, cover candlesticks with them, put them in vases for centerpieces, or make a wreath out of them. The latter can be square in shape to give a non-traditional look, or can be irregularly shaped to show off the beauty of the branches. Make a sign or work of art out of twigs, pine cones, pumpkins and leaves, take a vase of acorns, leaves and twigs – it’s a cool last minute centerpiece, combine twigs with moss and pine cones for a forest feel, make it a leaf or something else another piece of them decorates it as a wreath. Cover a vase or candle holder with twigs and sticks – painted or not, to give them an ultimately rustic and natural feel – there are plenty of tutorials on such crafts on the internet. Branches look great with pumpkins, fake vegetables, birds, pine cones, and other rustic decorations that make your interior so inviting, and isn’t that what we want in the fall? Check out the adorable ideas below and let the case in with cool branch decorations!

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