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Cute Ikea Mammut Stools Ideas For Kids Rooms

IKEA Mammut furniture is a bright collection for children. Today I’d like to share some mammoth stool ideas – ways to use them at home and renovate them a bit to make them a perfect match for your space. It’s made of plastic that makes it easy for kids to carry and move around, and it’s also perfect for outdoors as it can withstand rain, sun, snow and dirt. A perfect kid’s item, huh?

How to use

IKEA Mammut stools are perfect for children’s rooms, as mentioned above. However, you can also use them in bathrooms, pet rooms, outdoors, in closets, and in many other zones where you need a small step, storage, or whatever. Many colors are available and you can easily find a match. If not, just paint your stool however you’d like.

How to hack

There are many ways to chop your mammoth! You can chop and personalize it a little with some stickers, spray paint, stencils, or a cover. A cover can have a Super Hero theme, a cartoon theme, or just a fur or knit motif to keep your child warm and cozy. Enjoy the ideas below and check out the Mammut DIY hacks here. Cover your stool with a pillow or pillow to make it sit softer. Make a whimsy cover-up in the shape of a bird or animal to keep your kids fun. Cut a hole in the stool and put a dog bowl in it for easy use. Cover the stool with faux fur to use in the closet and add glamor to it.

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