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Cute And Cozy Yarn Wreaths For Fall Decor

Are you looking for a simple decoration for indoors and outdoors? Make an autumn yarn wreath! A wreath is a traditional decoration that is used for all seasons and holidays. It usually personalizes your front door, but it can also be hung anywhere inside.

This is a super easy craft that all you need is a wreath shape (a foam shape is perfect) and some yarn in fall colors – orange, yellow, chocolate, gold, and red, although you can opt for something different – traditional fall colors too. Wrap the piece however you like – in different patterns or just as it is and add a few decorations. Felt leaves, pine cones, corn, felt flowers and artificial vegetables look great on such a wreath and are very durable. You don’t have to change them until they look worn. natural leaves, flowers and vegetables don’t last that long and need to be changed from time to time. Another idea is to wrap your wreath with light yarn and add bold embellishments for contrast. Bunting, monograms, lanterns and artificial owls and other animals are welcome to creatively design your wreath. Now hang it on your front door and make your fall happy and brave!

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