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Curved Sofas To Make A Statement

Curved furniture is a cool and fresh trend that can instantly bring your home look up to date. Such items add a touch of luxury to your living room thanks to the sexy, curved shapes and graceful silhouettes. Curved sofas add a sophisticated feel to living spaces and help break out with traditional straight lines and angles that fill the space.

A curved sofa is a perfectly chic solution to this cultural shift, a vintage-inspired way of opening up a space with more seating and softening the angles of spaces designed for socializing. A curved sofa can maximize lounge potential in a small space by providing the perfect corner space. Let’s take a look at how to properly style it in your space.

Go for bold colors

You don’t have to feel encircled by straight lines or neutral palettes: you can spice up your space not only with lines but also with color! From flirty and feminine to bold and beautiful, the color of a curved sofa conveys that your living room is anything but straightforward. When in doubt, you can add to the effect of a colorful curve.

Emphasize it with similar shapes

For a balanced and harmonious look, emphasize the sofa with at least a few other curved or round elements. These can be round cushions placed on this sofa, a round or curved coffee table, a curved chair or a coupé of chairs and other elements to arched windows or doors that emphasize your sofa even more. They can come in the same color palette, or in a contrasting or matching color palette, but their shapes should be similar to that of the sofa to make the space more cohesive.

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