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Cube Room Multisystem Smart Bathroom Layout by Albatros

The cube room (Multisystem Turbopool Professional) is designed for those who want a complete room in which everything is assigned to the various functions of well-being. It can be used as part of a large bathroom as a personal hygiene zone area or as part of a small bathroom to save space by keeping everything wellness-related in one place. The room dimensions are 200 cm x 197 cm x 210 cm (215 cm with a shower tray 50 mm high). The bathtub is available with or without hydromassage. The equipped shower panel has 8 adjustable hydromassage jets with 3 functions. The shower tray is made of white or black Cristalplant. It is available with removable running boards in white Cristalplant or covered with teak-like vapors with white or black hinges. The glass case has a double door. Although the price of such a product is quite high, most likely it will end up in a large bathroom or a second bathroom. [Albatros]

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