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Creative Table Lamp Designs

In addition to being a lighting accessory, table lamps can be a very original piece for any decor. These lamps below will prove it to you! Whether you want to emphasize or contrast the chosen decor style to create a versatile space, or even make a statement with your lamp – these items are ideal for this.

For a luxurious classic interior, choose a black and gold engraved lamp or an exquisite Murano glass lamp. A lamp with tea cups is a perfect variant for a dining room and gives Alice in Wonderland a slightly whimsical touch. For nature lovers, there are lamps with planters or lamps with pebbles in the base – they look so zen! If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, go for a lamp that imitates a cactus or balloon lamp. There are many more ideas – rough industrial, animal and human-shaped, superhero-inspired with different inserts like feathers or agates – there is something for everyone! Scroll down to enjoy more awesome table lamps and choose yours!

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