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Creating Multifunctional Spaces

Whether you are a small home homeowner or want to maximize the usability of every inch of space, this round-up is exactly what you need as we share ideas on multifunctional spaces. They are all the rage and go everywhere as more and more people buy small apartments. Let’s find out how to create a practical space!

Kitchen and dining room

This is the most commonly seen combination – every small house has such a multifunctional space. And since open plans are popular, you can see more and more such rooms. How can you get the most out of such a combination? There are some clever solutions! Opt for a kitchen island that doubles as a dining table, or for a seating area integrated into the kitchen island to make the room more practical.

Integrated home offices

Another combination seen quite often is a home office squeezed elsewhere, although it can be difficult to do. A home office can be integrated into a bedroom, guest room, kitchen, dining room, etc. – it depends on your creativity. Make a comfortable work nook with multifunctional and convertible furniture. Vanities and dining tables can serve as desks.

Bedroom / bathtub

Bedrooms with bathtubs were a hot trend a few years ago and still are! The hotel designers have started this and the homeowners understood this idea very quickly – it is not only functional, but also makes your bedroom unique and gives it a hotel feel. Of course, you should consider a backsplash, a special floor under the tub, and a few other points, but it’s definitely worth it, especially if there isn’t room for a tub. Be inspired by the following ideas and create a functional space in your home too!

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